'This is music of a truly visionary quality' St Petersburg Times

                          Photo: Larisa Ezhelenko 


Marcus Tristan is an award-winning composer who has very wide experience of composing music for a huge variety of musical and vocal ensembles. The word that is most often used to describe his music is 'visionary'.

Latest News

Marcus Tristan has just given a 2-hour interview on The Bridge Radio (102.5 FM) from which extracts will be available to download very shortly. For the moment there are two extracts from his previous interview for you to listen to.

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Two extracts from a previous interview on The Bridge Radio (102.5 FM) 

Podcast 1 of first Bridge Radio interview.mp3

Podcast 2 of first Bridge Radio interview.mp3

This is a video of a short Aria from the sci-fi opera SOLNTSEGRAD that is being composed at the moment

For more about Larisa Ezhelenko for whom this opera is being composed, please visit: